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Jul 16, 2011 11:00pm EDT
. >> i was just filling in the house and heard a big explosion. >> when hiram butler came outside, the vivid image esol stuck in his head -- the be the image he's all stuck in his head. apparently the driver of this white mercedes caused a three- car accident. police say it all started here in the 2000 block of liberty hyde 70. police say a suspect shot a man of times in his arm and leg and then took off in his car. police put out a description of the car. >> we got a call moments later stating that that white mercedes had crashed. it struck two vehicles, ejecting one man out of the vehicle, a van that was moving. >> the driver of the van was rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition that he is expected to survive. at least two people ran out of the mercedes and try to get away. >> he was in the are not too far from where we are standing, and his leg was broken. >> moments ago we just located one of the suspects on ferndale drive. we believe there is one more suspect out there. >> the chart -- the search continues for that suspect. the suspect who is in police custody
Jul 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
the big gift and save trillion's by raising taxes on the wealthy and reforming social security and medicare. the leader of a key block of house conservatives already said no way. >> we are against tax increases. it will hurt jobs and we are against tax increases. >> what the overwhelming majority of americans are saying, fifth in. >> if they have a plan of falls apart or fails, they are still working on a backup. >> flights just got cheaper. which airlines are offering deals from now until fall. >> and the scanner might be one less thing for travelers to worry about. that might keep you from hearing it all at the airport. >> whatever it may be, we want to play football and go back to work. >> netflix under fire. and the nfl might be on the verge of ending the lockout. >> the hottest temperatures were in the central part of the nation and on their way here. it is a warm evening this evening. 89 at the inner harbor and hu >> an amazing part of american history will come to an end. the space shuttle atlantis will touch down in kennedy space center closing out a 30-year run. they s
Jul 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
him as a big brother. >> respectful, polite, generous. those were the words used to describe a young basketball star and honor roll student, now gone. >> he had a very great future ahead of him. >> i want to dedicate this season to him. he will be our sixth man all season long. we will play with the chip on our shoulder. >> they wore their jerseys at the emerald for markets. no moment seemed more touching than when coach russell ended his eulogy with a song, but could not finishe it. [applause] a tribute to a port on the court, a future now gone. -- a forward on the court. prosecutors are meeting police to decide whether or not to classify the case as an accidental shooting. a teenaged girl is recovering after an accidental shooting in east baltimore. investigators say the 15-year- at girl was shot in the neeknee about 11:45 p.m. last night. baltimore police are investigating two separate cripple shootings, one deadly. investigators their 31-year-old man was shot this morning in northeast baltimore. he was rushed to bayview, where he died. a short time later, police learned to others
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3